Ar ≥ 99,998 %
ARCAL™ Prime, the pure solution for TIG, MIG, Plasma welding.
ARCAL™ Prime is the high purity Argon welding gas solution for professionals. This gas is available in various packaging and sizes and is suitable for all MIG, TIG and plasma processes: TIG and plasma welding of all metals, MIG welding of aluminum, copper and their alloys, Root shielding of all materials. ARCAL™ Prime high purity argon adapts to all your needs and guarantees the highest weld quality with excellent weld appearance.

arcal prime cylinder altop 50l 200 bar | REF. i2013l50a2a001

Ar ≥ 99,998 %
Cylinder | 200 bar | 50L ALTOP | 10,70 m³

arcal prime cylinder smartop 50l 200 bar | REF. i2013l50s2a001

Ar ≥ 99,998 %
Cylinder | 200 bar | 50L SMARTOP | 10,70 m³

More about ARCAL™ PRIME

Simplicity - the right gas for your processes 

• TIG welding gas and plasma welding gas of all materials including the most sensitive: aluminum, titanium, zirconium, magnesium, copper and their alloys

• MIG welding of aluminum alloys, including pulse welding

• Root shielding of all materials

Ease of use 

• No risk of confusion: a single gas for all your TIG, MIG and PLASMA applications, on all types of materials.

• The high performance shielding gas solution for TIG, MIG and PLASMA welding of all materials

• Cylinders at the Top: ARCAL™ Prime is fitted as standard with SMARTOP™ for easy use. Optional: ALTOP™ or EXELTOP™ heads with integrated regulator valve: no more regulator or pressure gauge protruding from the cylinder!

• Packaging of all sizes, from cylinder to liquid tank, adapted to your needs

Performance - Welding quality

•The high purity of the gas guarantees that a weld bead is obtained free from any defects

• Excellent weld appearance, whether on TIG stainless steel or MIG aluminum or plasma titanium

Reliability - A quality product

• Pure argon > 99.998%

• Complies with ISO 14175-I1-Ar

• Very low level of H2O, O2 and N2 impurities


Opt for the integrated regulator:
simple, safe and fast operation