REF. I2541L33E3A001

Ar + O2 1 % ±0,3 % + CO2 3 % ±0,5 %

Gas cylinder type: Cylinder
Water volume: L33 EXELTOP
Pressure: 300 bar
Contents : 10.20 m³

More about ARCAL™ M14 CYLINDER L33 EXELTOP | REF. I2541L33E3A001

ARCAL™ M14, the gas solution for carbon steel thin sheets MAG welding

Simplicity - an easy-to-use gas suitable for all your processes 

• MAG Welding Gas for Carbon Steels

• Simple and efficient, ARCAL™ M14 facilitates electrical adjustments on your welding machine

• Excellent stability of metal transfer, greatly reducing the spatter emissions, therefore less completion work

Performance - Welding quality

• ARCAL™ M14 offers excellent wetting and allows you to obtain a well-crafted weld bead with low silicates level

• Particularly polyvalent, ARCAL™ M14 is an excellent welding gas in pulsed regime but also with a wide operating range in arc spray.

• A clever mix of high welding speeds, reduced smoke and spatter emission rates and low oxidizing power

• Whether manual or automatic welding, you will obtain radio quality welds with this gas mixture

Reliability - A quality product

• A ternary mixture, with a precise composition of 3% CO2 and 1% O2 in Argon, to get the best of the 3 gases: productivity, wetting and stability of the electric arc, while controlling the rate of oxidation, projections and fumes

• Complies with ISO 14175-M14-ArCO-3/1

• Very low level of H2O and N2 impurities

Ease of use

• ARCAL™ M14 is the best MAG welding gas when the control of oxidation is essential, for carbon steels and coated steels (galvanized, electro-galvanized)

• Excellent in pulsed mode, ARCAL™ M14 will show you all its possibilities in automatic or manual mode with simple settings

• It is the most efficient MAG welding gas for thin sheets up to 5mm

• Cylinders at the Top: ARCAL™ M14 is fitted as standard with SMARTOP™ for easy use. Optional: EXELTOP™ head with integrated regulator valve

• Packaging of all sizes are avalaible, from cylinders to bundles, adapted to your needs

Opt for the integrated regulator:
simple, safe and fast operation



300 bar

Gas cylinder size



10.20 m³

Gaseous relative density

Heavier than air

Soupap Connexion

ALTOP / EXELTOP : Quick Connector

Components (% Vol. abs)

Ar + O2 1 % ±0,3 %
CO2 3 % ±0,5 %

Impurities (ppm v/v)

H2O (5 bar) ≤ 40
N2 ≤ 200

Additional information

Product compliant with EN ISO 14175-M14-ArCO-3/1 Standard (welding application)





  • safety

  • Recommandations: Ensure adequate ventilation. For full and more detailed information, please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)..

  • Hazards identification: Asphyxiation in high concentrations

  • Flamability range: Non-flammable

  • transportation

  • Shipping type: Compressed gases

  • Proper shipping name: Compressed gas, N.O.S. (Argon, Carbon Dioxide)

  • UN Number: 1956

  • ADR Class: 2

  • Classification code: 1A

  • ADR pictogram:


More about ARCAL™ M14

ARCAL™ M14, the gas solution for carbon steel thin sheets MAG welding