REF. I5100V12R0A001

CO2 ≥ 99,7 %

Gas cylinder type: Bundle
Water volume: V12
Pressure: 49.50 bar
Contents : 360 kg

More about CARBON DIOXIDE BUNDLE V12 | REF. I5100V12R0A001

Air Liquide is Europe's leading supplier of carbon dioxide and operates more than twenty purification and liquefaction facilities, enabling satisfaction of all customers needs

General Informations about Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is present in a small quantity in the air we breathe (0.04%). 

It is colorless, tasteless, non-flammable, with a very faint sour smell.

Air Liquide captures it from industrial process units (ammonia, bioethanol production, etc.), purifies and ensures its quality control in the laboratory.

CO2 is used for its different properties: almost inert, it has a high solubility in water and a bacteriostatic and fungistatic effect (inhibitory effect on bacteria and fungi). Also, it used for its cooling properties.

Another interesting characteristic of CO2 is that it does not melt under normal conditions, going directly from the solid state to the gaseous state.

Finally, in a supercritical state (pressure > 74 bar, temperature > 31°C), it is an excellent solvent.

Applications :

CO2 is used in many industries for its various applications. Here are a few examples:

Food and Beverages

The food grade CO2 limits the development of bacteria and slows down the growth of moulds. It is therefore used for modified atmosphere packaging. 

It is also widely used in its liquid form for transport under controlled temperature, freezing or rapid cooling of the product while preserving its texture (food cryogenics). On its solid form, it protects the harvest grape.

CO2 also helps to create the sparkling and tangy taste in drinks (carbonation of soft drinks). It is also used for draught beer bottling.

See our ALIGAL™range of food grade gases 


CO2 is used as a laser cavity gas for cutting and welding applications.

(See our range LASAL™ for laser processes)


The use of CO2 in water treatment increases its economic and environmental performance while meeting various needs: control and regulation of the PH of wastewater or swimming pool water, remineralization of drinking water (calcium-carbonic balance...).

(See our range ASPAL™ for water treatment)


CO2 allows to create smoke effects.

R&D, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

CO2 has different applications such as PH control or controlled atmosphere for cell culture in incubator or bioreactor. (Consult our gas PHARGALIS™ 2)

In research and analysis, it is used for Supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC).

Mechanical/metallic manufacturing

CO2 is used for arc welding (TIG, MIG and MAG) and helps protect welds from oxidation (See our gas range ARCAL™ for arc welding). 

It is also for cooling some pieces, or for cleaning them by throwing carbonic snow (cryo blasting).

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems engineering

CO2 is becoming an ecological alternative as a refrigerant for commercial and industrial use, taking into account the impact of fluorinated gases (CFCs and HFCs) on the environment (destruction of the ozone layer and global warming). R744 is the chemical reference for carbon dioxide used as refrigerant. It is a naturally occurring substance that can be applied as a working fluid in different heating and cooling applications, due to its excellent heat transfer properties and its high volumetric cooling capacity. Thanks to this environmental friendly gas, indirect emissions of GHG (greenhouse gas) resulting from energy consumption are reduced.

Transportation & cold chain

On the form of dry ice, CO2 allows to produce a huge quantity of cold and protects cool products (food in air or rail transport, pharmaceutical and medical products).

Other application

CO2 is also used in dry ice for fire extinguishers.

Supply mode :

In cylinders of various sizes, in bundles, or in liquid form, Carbon dioxide is available in all supply methods to suit your uses and consumption profile.

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49.50 bar

Gas cylinder size



360 kg

Molecule Weight

44.01 g/mol

Gaseous relative density

1.52 (air=1)

Soupap Connexion

Cylinder: B4 - IS 21.7 x 1.814 right-hand male
Bundle: WW 1’1/8 right-hand male



Components (% Vol. abs)

CO2 ≥ 99,7 %

Impurities (ppm v/v)

H2O (5 bar) ≤ 200





  • safety

  • Recommandations: Ensure adequate ventilation. For full and more detailed information, please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)..

  • Hazards identification: Not toxic, but effect on heart rhythm and respiratory rate can appear at 8-10% (or more) concentrations

  • Flamability range: Non-flammable

  • transportation

  • Shipping type: Liquified Gases

  • Proper shipping name: Carbon Dioxide

  • UN Number: 1013

  • ADR Class: 2

  • Classification code: 2A

  • ADR pictogram:



Air Liquide is Europe's leading supplier of carbon dioxide and operates more than twenty purification and liquefaction facilities, enabling satisfaction of all customers needs